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World Rabies Day 2015 Celebration in Kenya

Due to logistics we celebrated ours over the weekend.

Several counties (we have 47) held rabies awareness public meetings or 'barazas'. The public was educated on the need to vaccinate their dogs against rabies every year and what to do if bitten by a suspect dog. Free vaccination and neutering was carried out.

KESCAVA joined our vets in Kilifi county at the coast for this exercise. This is a country with many cases of dog and people rabies. Early this month there was a highly publicized case of rabies in a boy who died after a dog bite. Saturday was a CPD day for the vets and on Sunday we set up camp at 11 sites in the county and vaccinated over 1,000 dogs. The local team will continue vaccinating the dogs for free in order to use up the 5,000 doses donated by a local vaccine supplier.

We also spayed and castrated dogs whose owners accepted the offer. The KESCAVA members came prepared to do many more than the 6 castrations and 1 spay that were presented. I am sure we would have a lot more work if we returned next year as the population would have seen the benefit of having their animals neutered by professionals.

We came back home satisfied with a job well done.


Informative image: World Rabies Day in KenyaInformative image: World Rabies Day in Kenya