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J├śRGEN KRUUSE A/S is a 100% family owned Danish company and a global leading supplier of veterinary equipment. KRUUSE has subsidiary companies and our own distribution operation to veterinary clinics and pet shops in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, U.K. and Poland. For the rest of the world, we distribute our products via appointed veterinary distributors.

The veterinary industry is driven by people with a true interest in animal care, and working for KRUUSE - a family-owned company with more than 100 years of dedication to our industry - we are proud to be among those. We want to make a difference with leading solutions, insights into veterinary practice and strong relations all over the world.

We believe in growth in the African veterinary industry, and we have great trust in the veterinary communities with WSAVA as the key player. This is why we are committed as main sponsor for the AFSCAN initiative. Dedication makes the difference - together, let's take animal care even further.

Informative image: KRUUSE